Graphic Design Blog!!!  

Well I have decided to start selling graphic design sets for businesses! I made a blog dedicated to doing please go check it out sign up to follow it---there will be some sets coming up for sale very soon!!!

Door Prizes!  

Ok well i've tried something new and I hope it works...

A lady I have known for probably around 18 years has sadly been stricken with breast cancer. Her coworkers decided to have a benefit in her honor to help raise funds to pay for hospital bills. I designed tons of stuff for the benefit including, flyers, tickets, seed packet giveaways and placemats (thats a complete side note but am excited to have been able to help out behind the scene). So one of the tickets i designed was a door prize ticket, so i decided i would donate 5 coupons packaged nicely in a brown enevlope with my logo on the front and my gold wax seal on the back sealing inside an advertising card with a quick reference price list on the back, a business card and the coupon for either a free 8x10 or 8 wallets with a completed photo session! I'm super excited and hope that I get some business from this simple marketing strategy!
Not only was I able to help the benefit and make five donations but am at the same time able to advertise my business through the list of sponsors on each placemat and also through the door prize!!! YAY!!! And I know that two of the winners of my donations had their little ones with them!!! YAY!!! Mommies with cuties!!! Perfect!!! I will keep you all updated as to whether or not I get calls from any of the winners!!! If its a success I'm going to make sure to make up some more donations and keep them on hand for future benefits and fundraisers!!!

Here are some photos of my giveaway---just for fun because i'm so excited!!!lol
this is what the certificate looks like:



and a collage of the envelope and some of its contents:
ok so its not the best collage that has ever been but its enough to give ya an

Recent Scenic Shots  

I thought I would share a couple of my most recent scenery shots to break the blogger ice...These were taken at my mother in law's house last Saturday right before a rain storm hit and right after the was amazing to see the sky change so much in such a little period of time! I was so glad I had my camera with me (I try not to take it everywhere because I know that i'll spend the whole time taking pictures instead of socializing, lol)

right before the storm hit:

right after the storm:

Photography Blogspot!  

Hello all!
Well let me start off by saying welcome to my photography blogspot! I've blogged before but never about photography! So I decided awhile back (its been a slow process, lol) that i would start a blog for clients, family and friends to follow my photographic journey. Feel free to check out my main photography webpage at and from there you can connect with me through both myspace and flickr! So follow us, invite us and add as us a contact on all of our networking pages, we'd be thrilled!