Steven's Senior Pics  

I had a nice time getting to know Steven as I did his senior pictures. We went to a few of my favorite locations and are planning to do another shoot once the leaves change a little more.

Heres a quick preview of some of the pictures from his shoot. Hope they enjoy the preview, and can't wait to go out and take some fall senior pictures!

Stillion Familiy  

I had such a great time chasing the kids around trying to snap some pictures when they slowed down---which wasn't This is such a cute family and oh my goodness how adorable there little ones are! Here is a little sneak peak of the shoot, the rest of the photos will be up soon on my proofing site to check out. Hope they like their preview and anticipate seeing the rest of the shoot. Thanks tons for such a fun shoot Stillion Family!
flickr is still not showing the colors right, so these are a little bit more on the orangy red side than they actually are. :)

Baby Vanessa  

I had a mini shoot with just me and my niece Vanessa! She is the cutest little thing...Everytime I got her positioned and ready to take the pic, I'd quietly grab the camera, get into position, frame my shot, and bam---every time! She'd move...It's like she knew I was getting ready to push the while she was a little monkey to deal with while only being just a month old! I managed to get a few shots...more can be viewed by going to the gallery from my home page:

A Couple New Snapshots!  

thought I'd share a couple snapshots from this past weekend...

The Hersey Family  

Well just got done editing the photos from my shoot last week and am hoping the clients love them! To view them all just go to my flickr site which you can find from my homepage at: and clicking on the flickr circle on the home page.
here is a little sample from the shoot...What a cute family and such an energetic adorable little boy they have! He sure kept me moving the WHOLE time! We had tons of fun and hope to be able to shoot for them again in the future!

Just a couple quick ones  

Well, sadly I have to admit that I haven't taken many pictures the last few days!!! I have been terribly busy with my graphic design work!!! YAY!!! Not only have I started selling graphic design on my other blogspot but I also do graphic design for a company in my local area who has other local businesses go through them for their graphic design---kinda confusing...So essentially, I am not only doing graphic design for one business but a handful of other businesses!!! So thats been keeping me very busy...but I did manage to get a couple photos uploaded and thought I'd share them...

Heres is little Allison---she was running around playing and I snapped this one while she stood still for all of 30
And here is Arya playing in this gorgeous stone birdbath
Another beautiful sunset at my MIL's!!! (you'll get tired of seeing these types of shots I'm sure lol)

Has anyone else noticed that the color on flickr seems to be a bit off as well as the image quality?

Graphic Design Blog!!!  

Well I have decided to start selling graphic design sets for businesses! I made a blog dedicated to doing please go check it out sign up to follow it---there will be some sets coming up for sale very soon!!!